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Spastream is Relax authentic


Complete relaxation

SPASTREAM‘s high-tech equipment replicates and replaces the same movements and benefits worked by the hands of an experienced masseur, always guaranteeing the highest level of service.
SPASTREAM brings another dimension to the SPA massage experience.


A Revolution

Vichy Shower

SPASTREAM revolutionises the Vichy shower concept with the electronic management of 1,200 water points that replicate the manual skill of an experienced masseur.

SPASTREAM is the 3.0 version of a device devoted to giving rain massages, a long-established treatment with proven success.

SPASTREAM is a horizontal shower which provides water massages in a totally innovative, engaging and effective way.
For clients in the constant search for rejuvenation de-stress and anti-aging treatments, to achieve a genuine and profound sense of wellbeing.

Shower Composition

SPASTREAM is composed of three parts in stainless steel, framed in corian (head and shoulders, lower back, legs and feet).
The 1200 water points grouped into 50 massage jets are as follows:
– 14 rain jets
– 16 tropical jets
– 18 nozzles for aerosol spray
– 1 waterfall jet
– 1 aerated spray

The unit comes complete with:
– 6 RGB Opto 3W colour therapy spotlights
– 2 20 Watt loudspeakers
– 1 integrated audio system with Radio and Mp3 Blutooth interface
– Integrated essence diffuser with freeze-dried pods

SPASTREAM is monitored and controlled through a 4.3″ colour touch screen keyboard.


Technical features

SPASTREAM‘s first-rate engineering makes it possible to:
– Position 50 jets egonomically according to the anatomy of the human body;
– Choose the exact type of jet according to the part of the body to be treated;
– Program the sequence of the jets to replicate the wide variety of techniques and sequences of manual massages, duplicating their rhythm, sequence, movements and effectiveness;
– Use out technology and materials with thermal and sea water without contraindications.


SPASTREAM works in automatic mode by choosing amongst 16 pre-set programme, or in manual mode by setting each parameter.
SPASTREAM software manages and controls each of the 50 jet modules second by second, programming and monitoring according to the following parameters:
– Water temperature;
– Water pressure;
– Matching chromotherapy colours.
SPASTREAM it monitors and controls through a keyboard touch screen 4.3″color .


Thanks to the control of all these parameters, SPASTREAM can create a sequence of water jets that reproduce with maximum grip the manual dexterity of a massage, transporting your mind to a new perception of well-being never experienced before.
The 16 pre-set 10, 20, 30 or 40 minute programmes can perform and endless number of massages, from relaxing to energizing, including head and face treatment. You also have the option to combine the pre-set programmes with manual massage.


For everyone

SPASTREAM is suitable for all SPA concepts, from low cost to luxury, from the home to the yacht and from the business hotel to the gym, because it is available as both self-service or in combination with exceptionally qualified masseurs, providing the highest quality of wellbeing service, anytime and anywhere… which greatly enhances any SPA concept.

SPASTREAM offers a low cost professional massage at your gym at, 24 hours a day and self-service.

SPASTREAM guarantees that, every time you come home, you’ll find an expert “masseur” at your service for a complete relaxation experience.

SPASTREAM is at the complete disposal of your customers to provide an effective de-stress massage, available 24 hours a day.

SPASTREAM can provide a magnificent Talasso Spa Experience on board, without space or weight problems, available at any time, even at sea.

SPASTREAM fulfils the desire of a multi-sensory water treatment, replacing the shower experience with a water massage that you will never forget.



Thanks to 1200 water jets programmed electronically, SPASTREAM exploits inn a unique way the effect of water spraying, stimulating and toning tissues whilst at the same time being deeply relaxing.
The water jets flow over your skin with variable sequences, intensities and temperatures, for an extensive interaction with every part of your body.
The colours, aromas and melodies accentuate the benefits on the nervous system, with a positive effect on the mind, whilst promoting emotions and feelings of well-being.

In addition to massaging, the pressure of the water stimulates the lymphatic circulation, increases cells oxygenation, drains tissues and facilitates the elimination of toxins, making legs feel lighter and counteracting the effects of cellulite.
The fast regeneration of the cells detoxifies and oxygenises the tissues, with purification benefits also under the skin, for deep, overall
anti-aging action.

Each jet acts with an intense and soothing epithelial micro-massage through the skin’s subtle reflexes, which stimulates the nervous system, allowing the nerve endings to release tension, as your body and mind relax and realign, regenerating the whole organism with greatly effective de-stress action comparable only to manual massages.

The frequent use of SPASTREAM enhances all of its health benefits.


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